Deez Mexican: Main Menu

When it comes to mouth-watering Mexican food in Cape Town we’ve got it covered, from the irresistible sizzle of fajitas to the satisfying crunch of tacos to Deez Kneez… and a whole lot more besides!

   * Enchilada – R85

With a filling of your choice wrapped in a tortilla , topped with salsa and cheese and baked.

   * Burrito - R85

With a filling of your choice in a chilli basted , half folded tortilla.

   * Taco Shells - R85

Crispy cupped corn tortilla (wheat free) with choice of filling topped with shredded lettuce and cheese.

   * Flauta - R85

Tortilla parcel with choice of filling and cheese inside and deep fried.

   * Fajita – R89

A bowl w choice of filling , two tortilla , salsa , cheese , yoghurt and guacomole . Make your own wraps.

   * Nachos Grande - R125

Nachos pieces topped with a selection of all fillings , topped with cheese and baked.

   * Fillings 

Mexican chicken , beef and potato , chilli con carne , stir fry veg , or refried beans.

   * Glorie’s Veggie Mix - R85

Nachos base topped with cottage cheese , sweet salsa , and cheddar cheese and baked.

   * Deez Kneez - R85

Cajun dusted , deep fried chicken wingz with deep fried pots.

   * Pan Fried Sirloin - R89

250g of Mexican Sun shine with deep fried pots.

   * Special Prawns - R89

Tiger prawns pan fried in lemon , garlic , and chilli with savoury rice

And for those with a slightly bigger appetite theirs always Deez Famous Mexican Platters

   * Mexican Platters

Why not make you own with a selection of favourites from the above for 1 , 2 or 3 people.